Stress Relief Toys - Discover 3 Stress Toys That Really Work

As levels of stress increase in our hectic and ever demanding lifestyles, more and more people are looking for stress relief techniques that can work equally as well at home or in the workplace. For most of us, there is no time to go to the gym or find a meditation class or practice Yoga to relieve stress so we are looking for easy and portable solutions.

It is no wonder then that manufacturers are coming out with a whole array of stress relief toys - sometimes also called 'executive desk toys' - to help stressed out people cope with their anxiety and stress in a simple, cheap and fun way. Here I discover 3 stress toys that really work: Stress balls or squeeze stress balls, Chinese stress balls, and the slinky

Stress relief balls are one of the most popular toys that really work. They are indeed excellent stress relievers. Stress balls are made of rubber material and most are air filled so you can squeeze them when you are feeling frustrated, anxious or tense. Just holding and handling these stress relief toys is sometimes enough to reduce stress levels.

Another stress relief toy is yet another use of balls. Chinese stress balls are a great stress reliever that many people have turned to. These types of balls are sold in pairs. They are hard and not squeezable. They come in different sizes and are made of different hard materials. The pair of balls is meant to be rolled around in the hand. What this does is cause the user to focus on the rotation of the ball, thus taking the user's attention away from the stressor. Some types of Chinese balls produce a chiming sound, which soothes some people's minds.

Lastly, a great stress relief toy is the slinky. The classic slinky is made of metal but there are also plastic ones available. They come in either solid or even rainbow colors. The idea is to stretch it and watch it snap back into place or shift it back and forth between your hands as you think about work. In fact, it has been used as a great toy to use during brain storming sessions and planning meetings to help people relax. Once again the idea behind it is to divert your attention away from your stress

The logic behind using stress relief toys is very similar to that of concentrative meditation. In concentrative meditation focusing on any object, sound, image or thoughts takes the mind away from the source of stress resulting in relaxation of the mind.

Similarly, by playing with an appropriate stress relief toy, the person diverts all their attention onto the toy away from the source of stress. Most people express sensations of pleasure, intense involvement and altered states from participating and using stress relief toys.

Stress relief toys are a cheap and easy technique in the need for stress management. They can be fun and make excellent gifts for co-workers in the office. They are a quick stress reliever. Place a stress relief toy at your desk and use when you feel the pressure start to rise.